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Exciting moment folks! We bring you the very first spyshots of the next generation M3. These photos show an F30 3-series sedan with several trademark M3 features such as quad-exhaust, flared fenders and drilled brake discs.

We believe the next M3 will be powered by a triple-turbocharged inline-6 engine with an output of around 450hp. It would be based on the N54/55 engine and use not only two traditional turbochargers but also a third electric turbocharger.

Scott26 claims that these photos are no indication of an M3 sedan making it to production. Rather, BMW had only an F30 prototype to use for testing the M3 parts and components. Don't count the F30 M3 sedan out yet however, as it's been alluded to that it may still be in the plans -- despite the rather slow sales of the E90 M3 sedan.

Expect the new M3 to hit the market sometime in 2014. As we reported earlier, the E90 M3 sedan will end production this October while the E92/3 M3 coupe and convertible will be produced through June 2012 at least.

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Oh snap people are going to start jizzing!