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Originally Posted by BlackLight View Post
1) most folks will buy the new M3, becuse they just want to be seen in the latest and greatest.
2) I'm getting a P-car next...
and the porsche is better? They sold out way before BMW M did. Look at the 993 and then look at the 996, 997... The damn 993 turbo is still pretty expensive if you want to pick one up. That should tell you something. Panamera? I'd rather drive a pontiac aztec. AFA interior, before I bought my Exige, I drove a Cayman S and z4 M coupe. The porsche was the worst interior, IMO. terrible design, thin steering wheel, narrow seats (and I'm 5'11/145lbs!) In fact, the only thing I liked about that car was the transmission whine. My exige's interior is better than the Porsche. Way better.

I do wish the 1M had the E46s 3.2L motor...S54?. That would have been awesome and would have saved BMW even more money than developing the I6 TT, is my guess.