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Originally Posted by SCOTT26 View Post
For the new M3 we are looking at fuel savings of about 20-30%.

Do not understimate the prowness of BMW engineers.
Every option for each car begins in a brainstorming session where ideas are put down on paper. So yes BMW have developed a prototype V6 but when evaluated we found it did not suit the intentions of the car.

There are lots of other engines that you do not know about by our engine development unit. right from a two cylinder upwards to a 9.0 64-valve V16 which was designed for Rolls-Royce and will never see the light of day in any production car.
What you have to be careful of is that unorthodox choices for BMW such as FWD and V6's are being evaluated because one day we could run out of options with increasing legislation. So we have to adapt these choices to BMW thinking without compromising on what makes a BMW great.
I believe Rowan Atkinson asked BMW to put that in a Roller in his new film

Also, wouldn't using a V6 be out due to the inherent imbalances of a V6 (needing balnce shafts)? Especially a 3.3 liter.