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Exclamation Report: F80 M3 Is the New BMW M3 / M4 -- Sedan Comes First in 2013!

Report: F80 M3 Is the New BMW M3 / M4 -- Sedan Comes First in 2013!
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Call this a first. As BMW enthusiasts know, BMW models have an internal model code, like "E90" for the soon-to-be-replaced 3-series sedan and "F30" for its successor debuting later this year. M models traditionally share very few common parts with their regular BMW AG siblings, so they receive a unique development code. For example, the current M3 is internally referred to as E90M, the new M5 as F10M.

It now appears however that BMW has gone beyond just adding an M designation and has given the new M3 based on the F3x 3-series a completely different model code. We're the first to share that it will be internally called the F80 M3. There's a bit of new BMW trivia to give you bragging rights when arguing with friends and family members.

Along with this news comes word that the F80 M3 will indeed return in sedan form (already spied in testing)! The BMW F80 M3 Sedan will likely have its market launch in summer 2013, uncharacteristically before the F82 M4 coupe.

As things look to us, the M3 sedan will be the only model called M3. M3 coupe and convertible versions (F82 M3 and F83 M3) will likely be branded as M4. This might have played a role in BMW's decision for another iteration of the M3 sedan. Previous rumors of BMW not bringing another M3 sedan turned out to be wrong, afterall.

Just remember that since we're quite a bit away from the market launch of the new F80 M3, some things could still change and until BMW announces publicly, everything is rumor. But, this news comes on reliable authority.

Stay tuned for more information on the F8x M3 and enjoy our previous coverage -- including the first sets of spyshots -- here: