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you guys have to get over the naming thing And for all those complaining about how they are doing it just for extra $$$, I thought that was the point of companies, to make as much money as they can. BMW is a business with share holders just like any other company, if they can grow their margins by doing this then why wouldn't they? its working for Audi, BMW doesn't care about a few thousand die hards, they care about the masses who are willing to pay more.

I am just happy the M3 Sedan will be back and for summer 2013 I will most likely be picking one up in Fall 2013 as that is when my warranty on the C63 will end and although I love the brute power of the AMG, I want to try a more fuel effecient and better handling BMW again.

M3 name still lives on, and I bet they are doing it so people get used to the M4 name, then next gen they will get rid of the M3 Sedan and just have the M4 Coupe...