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If it's about money, BMW has gotten too greedy. The "M" badge has officially been pimped out by BMW so they can make more money on every series. Hence the 1M.

Get customers in an "M" car early and they will never downgrade. Which means future business and profits.

If they do change the coupe to M4, it's gonna create a lot of hate between the M3 sedan owners who are badge natzis. As mentioned, poeple will associate the higher number to mean better and more expensive regardless if the are exactly the same except for the doors. Actually, the M3 sedan will seem "dated" and left behind as the rest of us coupe owners will be rock'n the new "M4" badge.

Change is inevitable, I dont like it either. My concern is that if the coupe and sedan are identical, except the badges and doors, BMW will most likely still mark up the "M4" just because they can.

Sedan owners are happy now, but wait and see how you feel when you have a 2013 M3 and a 2013 M4 rolls up next to you. Yeah, maybe same performance.... But it's gonna leave a bad taste........

Lets hope for the best! I'm excited for the new coupe regardless of what they call it.
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