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Originally Posted by SIIK2NR View Post
Actually, the M3 sedan will seem "dated" and left behind as the rest of us coupe owners will be rock'n the new "M4" badge.

Change is inevitable, I dont like it either. My concern is that if the coupe and sedan are identical, except the badges and doors, BMW will most likely still mark up the "M4" just because they can.

Sedan owners are happy now, but wait and see how you feel when you have a 2013 M3 and a 2013 M4 rolls up next to you. Yeah, maybe same performance.... But it's gonna leave a bad taste........

I'm still confused why everyone is up in arms about this.

5 series, 6 series - 2 different platforms. Sedan & Coupe.

2010 ///M5 performance == 2010 ///M6 performance.

There's only a slight difference in wheelbase of a few inches, and less than 100lbs lighter.

One is a sedan, one is a coupe.

I understand that there will be people that will be upset about losing the M3 badge on the coupe (I get that), but clearly by the current standards between M5 & M6 there is no significant difference between the 2 models.

Coupe is always more expensive than the sedan even as a "3". So what's the problem here?

And this is all just still rumor.

why everyone is so upset about this.