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Originally Posted by PAMidge View Post
I'm still confused why everyone is up in arms about this.

5 series, 6 series - 2 different platforms. Sedan & Coupe.

2010 ///M5 performance == 2010 ///M6 performance.

There's only a slight difference in wheelbase of a few inches, and less than 100lbs lighter.

One is a sedan, one is a coupe.

I understand that there will be people that will be upset about losing the M3 badge on the coupe (I get that), but clearly by the current standards between M5 & M6 there is no significant difference between the 2 models.

Coupe is always more expensive than the sedan even as a "3". So what's the problem here?

And this is all just still rumor.

why everyone is so upset about this.
Because you're messing with history, tradition. The 5 and 6 look absolutely nothing alike while the 3 series coupe/sedan/vert are the same car.
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