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Originally Posted by formula M View Post

BMW decision is based on a much larger scope (than what it being an M3, or called different), it based on BMW tradition of 6 & 8 series..? Even & odd #. M5 was different than the M6.

The first BMW 3 series M was a sedan (2-door), If that matters to anyone. Also, there still is an M3.. so what is the fuss?

Just because the coupe is an M4, means it stated as "one louder.." one higher in performance. As the coupe always outperform the sedans & are more purpose orientated. 4>3

Separate that, with the iconic M3 name.. and realize this is just separation of chassis.

The new M4 & M2 are going to be great cars.
I am glad someone pointed this out. can't believe all these "enthusiast" are complaining about BMW "loosing its legacy" when the first
M3 was always a sedan (2 door). these fake enthusiasts should be ashame of themselves.

People: sedan vs coupe are not defined by the # of doors.

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