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well, Ill buy the current M3 coupe while I can, and BMW can keep those turbo things or whatever they will call em. so BMW lost another customer by killing the M3 mystic and heritage. they will be like audis with all those badges and names, M3 wont be an icon anymore, but a faster 4 series. I think Ill move to porsche, and I know for some people its stupid to not buy a car because of a badge, but you have to understand me, Ive always been tempted to buy a porsche but the heritage of the M3 made it my dream car, even though it wont be as fast as a 911 turbo, I always loved the M3 and what it represented, its legacy was definitely what kept me faithful to bmw.(I have a 5 series e60, a z4, Im buying an M5 e39 and a new, and last, m3 coupe) from them Ill go the P route.
edit: thinking of it again, you guys that think we complainers lost our minds by being willing to pick another car from another brand just because of the new badge, Ill ask you, which car do you think is cooler? an M3 e46 or a 335i? the 335i is faster and we all know it but some of us think that theres something more behind the m3 badge, some history that even a new faster bmw wont have, heck I would rather have an e30 m3 instead of a 335i. if you kill that history and start over, some of us bmw fans wont tolerate that harakiri from bmw as the new cars will be merchandise instead of an icon with its own place in a chain of icons, with a place in a tradition.
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