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Originally Posted by mkoesel View Post
One thing I could see them doing as an interim step is to keep just the 3 series coupe for now, while rebranding the 3 series convertible and upcoming 3 series-based gran Coupe as the 4 series. This would allow the M3 name to remain for both the sedan and coupe for this generation, while the M4 name would naturally cover the M version of the convertible and the Gran Coupe. Few people would complain about the M4 name for the convertible since that is already everyone's favorite M model to hate on (even moreso than the larger M6 convertible, curiously). And this will also allow the marketplace to get used to the notion of the M4 brand before actually transitioning it onto the iconic M3 coupe sometime down the road, perhaps in the generation succeeding the F3x/F8x.
You are on the right way, but a little bit wrong - its much more simple, its not for the coupe ... this what you decribes is the main reason why the M3 sedan is coming back again ... this car, even when ist sells better and better from year to year (and reached the convertible this year!), has only few lovers by BMW ... the only reason to bring him back, is to allow BMW to change the coupes and the convertible to the M4 lables ... and not to let the M3 Lable die before the M4 Lable is introduced in the market ... and when all have switched over to the M4 and ... "the better M3" is the new hero ... BMW would let the sedan and the lable M3 die ( in the next generation! )

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