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Originally Posted by CT View Post
Even so, it's very similar to how the old RX-7 turbo setup worked (if I remember correctly), so there has to be some new innovation involved here for a patent to be valid.
As I understand it, this patent claims to make for improvements in the transition from using one turbocharger to using both.

Originally Posted by CT View Post
An alternative interpretation of the schematic is that each different-sized turbo is powered simultaneously, with one cylinder 'group' supplying input to one turbo each and output directed to the plenum. An actuated diverter would be used to siphon output from one turbo into the other, larger turbo. That might provide a smoother power band? Not sure - the leaders and flow-annotations aren't very clear to me (A/C hydraulics and air flow are apparently not treated similarly in schematics).
It's possible to bypass the first turbocharger (the right one in the schematics) but when it's used, exhaust gases from all 6 cylinders first go to this one and only then to the other turbo.

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