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Kinda translation. feel free to correct anything I messed up

(57)summary: turbo alignment (1) for the combustion engine (2) with several cylinders (Z),that are exhaustsided(?) with at least one of the first or a second cylinder group (2a,2b) added toghether are, where the first cylinder group (2a) a first and a second cylinder group (2b) a second exhaust pipe (3a,3b) added in exhaust flow direction with a first turbine housing (4a) a first exhaust turbocharger (4) exhaust flow connected with a second turbine housing (5a) a second exhaust turbo (5) over a first stop(delay)organ(valve?) (6) exhaust flow connected, whereas the first and second exhaust(?) (3a,3b) in exhaust flow direction of the second exhaust turbo (5) in a connected exhaust portion (7) goes into, the second turbine housing (5a) goes into. Because of this inventiveness, the response is greater and engine usage is broadend.

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