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Originally Posted by mkoesel View Post
BMW's HPFP issues with the N54 and N55 are numerous and well documented. This is why people are nervous about an even higher powered I6. It's a very realistic fear.

Oh, and the talent of BMW's engineers is absolutely irrelevant. The financial side of the business decides what issues are real or not, what issues get addressed or not.

Yes, but my point is, that ANY car is going to have mechanical issues. You cant put thousands of pieces together, then subject those pieces to numerous stresses and forces, under many different conditions, and not have something fail a percentage of the time.

As far as the talent of the engineers being irrelevant? Give me a break. The financial side of the business can set the objectives and targets, but I have yet to hear of a bean counter sitting in the workshop designing BMW's. I would put the engineers at BMW up against any other team, and give them the same guidelines. Who do you think would produce the better result? To say that the financial side calls all of the shots is cynical. They know that if the product does not live up to consumer demands, it wont sell. Therefore, it is up to the engineers to build the product the masses want.