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Originally Posted by Mstoner92 View Post
Yes, but my point is, that ANY car is going to have mechanical issues. You cant put thousands of pieces together, then subject those pieces to numerous stresses and forces, under many different conditions, and not have something fail a percentage of the time.
You're correct but that generality is completely overshadowed by the realities surrounding BMW's turbocharged inline six engines and their terrible reliablility as compared to their naturally aspirated V8s for example.

As far as the talent of the engineers being irrelevant? Give me a break. The financial side of the business can set the objectives and targets...
I stopped reading because like the other guy you are not getting the point at all. The best engineers in the world cannot do squat unless they are given the resources to do so. If you don't give your team of world class engineers the money to design a reliable product, then the product will indeed suck ass every single time. Truth.
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