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Given MB now sell their HP upgrade kit for C63, making it faster than current M3/E90, do you guys think that 450hp will do it for next gen M3? Unless they have some serious diet, I fear that it will still be an M3, but it's not going to be able to fend off C63/RS5+/IS-F II/CTS-V. It will be hard to make it competitive with the other, while keeping it slower than the M5 F10 ...
450hp/3500lb seems to be the magical limit (7.75hp/lb). If it's over 3700lb (F10 is 200lb more than E60 ... if same happen with M3 ... yikes).

Am I the only one concerned that BMW will rest on the success of the M3, and then lose customers due to unwillingness to compete/beat the M5 in performance?

I guess the option (outside going with the C63/RS5 is ... pop an ESS VT-500+ in the E9x ...).