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Originally Posted by M-Power111 View Post
am i the only one that thinks this is just pre production testing and the final product isnt out till 2013?

Originally Posted by HVYWGHT View Post
Sounds like a turbo. But it doesn't rev enough without trucks moving and honking in the background to really tell.

I'd be floored if BMW gave up on the inherent balance of an I6. I'm betting on a twin-turbo I6 or an innovative tri-turbo I6. Both of those can do 450hp. Or more.

I'm stoked that the F80 is coming to the USA!

Really? Wow! You must have been floored when the V8 M3 came out.
Originally Posted by jerrypon83 View Post
To the ones that are complaining:

Come on! BMW is "testing" the car! It is not a production car yet! The only thing I can say is that sounds not bad. We don't even know how the F30 looks and some of you are already saying that M3 sucks...

Originally Posted by -=Hot|Ice=- View Post
The one thing that I'm confused about is the fact that it's suppose to be lighter then the e9x gen but it's going to be bigger then the e9x gen. How is that possible? Carbon Fiber mirrors? Doors? bumpers? That's going to push the MSRP up by a significant amount, and with the way BMW is going, I thought the whole point was to become the next Toyota.
Just wait and see Hot|Ice!