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Nice to see a V6. BMW said "no dogmas", so after M automatic gearbox, M suv and M turbo I see no problem in M V6 eventhough I would like M to stay faithfull. GT-R went from I6 to V6 and Supra will go from I6 to V6 (some rumor says H6 that would then be an upgrade).

Funny all this V6 and turbo sound complaints. If someone wants sound then get the 458 Italia or LF-A. But as for all the rest expect the end of all NA engines. Alot of Audi fans complain the RS4 Avant is getting the RS5's NA V8 instead of the TT V6. The next C AMG is still to very likely to get a FI V6, so as the next RS4/RS5. The Porsche are going to ditch their NA Flat6 for FI Flat4, 911 Turbo will continue having a FI Flat6.
I cannot understand why so many want the N54/N55 in the next M3. It will just look like a 335i with M badges. At least so, the M3 will have exclusive chassis, body, powertrain and drivetrain, of course unfortunately also price.

Also, who says the new 3 Series is larger? Yes it has longer wheelbase, is a few milimeters larger but weighs about 30 kg les than the E90. The F80 will be even lighter than F30. Expect it to weigh 50-100 kg less than M3 E9X. Now if you take all the options, which like head-up display IMO are pointless, of course this will add weight.

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