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Originally Posted by -=Hot|Ice=- View Post
The one thing that I'm confused about is the fact that it's suppose to be lighter then the e9x gen but it's going to be bigger then the e9x gen. How is that possible? Carbon Fiber mirrors? Doors? bumpers? That's going to push the MSRP up by a significant amount, and with the way BMW is going, I thought the whole point was to become the next Toyota.
You can be absolutely, undeniably sure that this car will weigh more than the current M3.

Every time a new car is being developed I hear bullsh1t about how much lighter it will be than the previous car, and every single time it weighs more.

The F10M, despite rumors that some weak-minded individuals may have believed, weighs 200 freakin pounds more than the previous version.

Same story with the E9XM vs the E46M.

People who talk about lighter cars ignore that adding size and equipment does not get offset by adding stupid CF mirrors or a CF roof. It just does not happen.

It will be heavier and that's all there is to it. Ideas of stronger steel, aluminum and CF are pretty but expensive and will not even offset the increase in weight due to equipment/safety/size.