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Originally Posted by Sedan_Clan View Post
I'm with you! It doesn't make sense to me.
It might not make sense from a consumer standpoint, especially initially, but from an auto manufacture POV, they are diversifying their product line up. Creating new model lines (2 series & 4 series especially) gives the impression to the public that the manufacture has more models.

Additionally, it seems BMW is doing this to also align it's models against Audi more directly.

BMW 3 series = Audi 4 series
BMW 4 series = Audi 5 series
BMW 5 series = Audi 6 series
BMW 6 series = Audi 7 series
BMW 7 series = Audi 8 series
BMW X1 = Audi Q3
BMW X3 = Audi Q5
BMW X5 = Audi Q7
BMW M3 = Audi RS4
BMW M4 = Audi RS5

So while it might seem pointless to the avg. consumer, and seems like they might be "ruining" the heritage, in the long run, I think this was a very smart move by BMW.

Just my .02