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M4 engines?? other upgrades..


I'm thinking that since BMW will offer M4 instead of M3 sedan and coupe there will be differences more than skin deep or cosmetic. I speculate that since many cars now meet or exceed the M3 in performance numbers that is putting pressure on BMW to offer the M4 to continue to lead the pack so to speak. Agreed that few cars can offer the all round ability of the M3 but sometimes pure numbers can pull sales.

If so, what will M4 offer?

7 spd manual tranny?
higher horsepower TTT V6?
TT V8 from M6, etc.

I'd love to read your thoughts on this topic and other potential enhancements BMW would make to "up" the M4's game. I will add that most likely the M4 will cost maybe 5-10K more than M3.

No disrespect to future M3, jusr reasoning the name change for the coupe to M4.

Scott, any thoughts?