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My point exactly the last E60 545i (V8) or M5 (V10) did not share an engine and neither had a power dome. The 5er M's do not have a traditional power dome but M3's do. It is the trade mark for M3's without that it would suck.

Also, the hood scoops on the M3 one side is functional while the other is not. But with upcoming M3 and to reduce turbo heat soak issues they should make more stylish better integrated two functional hood scoops or even one large one incorporated into the power dome. I am tired of the M division holding back in aggressiveness specially when it comes to M3's.

Now with M5's you can understand that they do not want to go more in your face aggressive as it is up market large size sedan. But common M3 with stretching and all is in smaller mid-size segment and here you do not have to hold back.

Give it some overly aggressive stance like MB black series cars. Give it a aggressive power dome, some functional hood scoops, carbon fiber roof, hood, and trunk etc. Give it some seriously aggressive sound track and do not go overly conservative al la M5.

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Previous M5 didn't have a dome either.

To's less about functionality and more about what visually separates it from the base 3. You take a quick glance...see side vents...M. Quad pipes...M. I see powerdome...M. Flared fenders...M.
The side vents weren't funtional on the E9X either...but I'd wager they stay for the same reason. Not to mention...a lot of styling is the way it is on vehicles looks good. The dome looks good imo.
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