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Well now it becomes clear that the M3 will get the 3 Series' and not the 4 Series' front end as some speculated at the beginning. The grilles are from the F30, they are just partially covered in camo which makes them look sleeker.

Well this is crystal clear anyway, since BMW decided to separate the 3 and 4 ranges, meaning a more upmarket placement for the 4 Series, thus resulting in a different fascia and of course a significantly higher price (although, I hope, not the same leap as the 5 & 6 Series). How then could the M 3 Series sedan get the front end of the 4 Series??

For the same reason, I firmly believe that BMW will stick to the logic of its new range classification and dub the M version of the 4 Series Coupe M4 and not M3. Otherwise, how could they justify the more upmarket positioning of the 4 Series and still name the M 4 Series the same as the M3 sedan??