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Originally Posted by Justin Spelman View Post
Take a look again closely at that pic, the grilles are still different than the F30 pics.. they are thinner and the bottom part curves up more, just like the F80 M3 pic.

The M3 is ahead of the 4 series in terms of public testing so it wears less camo. It was first spotted in August but the 4 series just started testing this week.
Remember the early spyshots of the F30 sedan, it also had those kidneys seemingly thinner to the sides (Z4 like), but that was only some camo padding and the final F30 kidneys came out to be more rectangular. By the way you can see on the last pic I posted that the left kindey still has some of that padding stuffed in between the kidney bars while the right kidney has less of that camo and already looks much more like the regular F30 grill.

So I still believe that the M3 will logically wear the F30 fascia in order to clearly differenciate the 4 Series range. We'll see

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