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Originally Posted by SCOTT26 View Post
Think about it. Does it look ready? Given what we know already regarding launching an M car. Besides there are other M cars to consider- The BMW M6 Coupe and Cabrio and of course the M550d which will be shown @ Genf for European and World-wide premieres respectively.
Then we will have announcement of the final M3 edition which will be a cracker finale but not for all markets - although they might see something as a final edition but not the big tamale.

Maybe they meant Genf 2013 because that is more possible or they could unwrap the car again in Shanghai like the M5. Which is fitting as alot of M3 production is heading to China than ever before.
I am sure they meant Genf 2012 (Shanghai 2012 seems also possible!?) ... its interesing that you meant China is an big market for the M3 I would mean the rich chinese people love bigger cars with an driver like the F30li or F10li or even bigger and the M3 fan scene in china seems to be relativly small to time.

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