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Indeed there are some rumors (which I donīt really beleave!) that the M-GmbH ist developing an "new" 3,3ltr.Bi(Tri)Turbo R6 based on an M-spezific engine ... this for me could only meen S54 !!!

Would be worlds better than an N54/55 solution (there would be final at max. 3.2ltr.) ... sounds to me much like they had dug out the blessed S54 block back to fit him with turbo technology ... THAT would be at least one M-decent solution ... although I will not see any cost advantage over the 3.3ltr. V6, which performence for sure would have been better at worlds - overall car performence, not engine performence.

- The S54 block is fairly heavy, and I do not think you can make him material technically much lighter if it is to endure so strong charge.
- If the S54 block is used, which means quite a lot of weight relatively far forward ... do not know if that's so good.
- As particularly insensitive the S54 was not known for.

Nevertheless, it would be an engine, which I would be glad to have

If there was not the main stumbling block would be ... namely, the one, that all the time they probably developed in the direction of V6, and now has swung around to a completely new engine and therefore the premiere of the new F80 M3 probably would be at least an year later than expected ... is probably not much earlier than the F82 M4 would debut and that make me very unhappy !!!

Love it, if the M-GmbH would have been so nice to consider, that it could have been worth/clever to bring the F80 M3 first with the "old" powertrain (engine and gearbox!) of E9x M3 to the market and later switch it together with the F82 M4 to the new powertrain. So they would have enough time to develop the new powertrain and bring the F80 M3 to the market as early as expected.

Just my 2 cents.