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Originally Posted by Levi View Post
@hwelvaar: PMed.

Insider SCOTT said that the M3 will get a convertional 6 cylinder engine, by this I understand I6, which would be N54 by M. He said for the M4, however, a completely new concept will make its way. By this I would say M3 F80 will get the 3,2l I6 based on N54, and the M4 F82 will get the 3,3l V6 based on S63, they'll have more time to develop it properly. But then regarding the problem of high costs, it does not seem very plausible.
Thanks for the explanation in PM.

I don't think BMW will use different engines for sedan and coupe M3/M4.

I need 4 doors in my M3. So I'll be pissed off if the 2-door version would feature a different/better engine. But I could live with the idea that the car setup of the coupe is somewhat sportier/extremer than the sedan. (like with the previous generation M5 and M6 - 5L V10)

Also: developing, testing, producing, crash-testing, bulk-manufacturing an engine just for the relatively limited number of 'M3 sedans' doesn't make any economical sense.

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