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Originally Posted by swamp2 View Post
After checking out the cars lines that is the very next thing I saw. Whether or not BMW sympathize with the driver and perhaps being hounded by photographers I would bet he will get a lecture for that.

The F series M3 will almost for sure have a CF roof and probably a trunk as well. Not sure much weight could be shaved off a similar design based on the aluminum hood in the E9X M3, but that might end up CF as well. I would hope they are painted externally and clear coated internally, except perhaps the roof.
The driver was not bothered by M, in Germany there are laws that prevent people from being secretly photographed without their permission so "spy shots" violate this law. Cameras on the roads for speed are permitted as you acknowledge this when you get a license. This is how it was explained to me anyways.

From what I was told most driving is now done at night, they hate being stalked but due to certain labor agreements not all testing can be done at night- if you have noticed there is a steady fall off of spy shots.... considering how many models are being developed. When was the last M6 spy shot? That car is nearly done with development.

The people I know don't care for the publicity and hate being at a traffic light and having someone walk around the car with a camera for many reasons- personal privacy, safety and just annoyance being some of them. It is not like you can get much from some of these images anyhow.