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Originally Posted by iwannabimmer View Post
Is it possible that the F80 M3 will have slightly different headlights design and kidney grill?
Possible, but unlikely in my opinion.

With the current generation cars, the sedan and coupe both use the same front end design, which is derived from the 3 series coupe. With the new generation, I suspect that the M3 will share its front end design with the 3 series sedan, while the M4 will share its front end design with the M4. In other words, I think they are going to make the M3/M4 more distinct than the E90 M3 and E92 M3 are today, more along the lines of the distinction we see between the 3/4, 5/6, and M5/M6.

(And yes, I know the 4/M4 names are not confirmed, but its easier to write it that way.)

If you don't like the F30 front end, perhaps you'll like the F32 front end better. You may then be more inclined to go for an M4 Gran Coupe, assuming such a beast sees the light of day (I am convinced it will). You'll be waiting probably an additional two years beyond the F80 for that one though.
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