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Originally Posted by EIN M View Post
I don't understand what it is that you don't understand. This poll is titled "what would be your engine of choice".

Would I take a 5 liter variant of the S65 over a force-inducted V6 or I6?

Fuck yes....ALL.....DAY.....LONG.

Would you ? Why wouldn't you take a 6,2 L V8 then, huh ? Why isn't that one in the list ? Mercedes can lift such an engine in their C-class.
Why not a 8,3L V10 engine like in the Viper?

You would take that one also all day long over the 5L ?

My point being: this 5L option in the poll is totally irrelevant, as everybody knows there is absolutely zero chance of this happening.

If you don't understand that, well, add a V12 Ferrari-like engine to the list as well.

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