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Originally Posted by Justin Spelman View Post
And which M3 engineer told u that? This is nothing but defensive nonsense coming from an e92 owner.

The f30 is lighter than e90. You really think the f80 M3 will outweigh the e90 M3?!
I think it will as well just for the fact of the FI, it may not be a great amount but I think it will weigh in more as well. Now thats my opinion, you are the one getting all defensive just because Malek expressed something a lot of people are worried about.

If it turns out to be lighter..great, more power to BMW. The deal breaker for me is the fact it will be FI. I see myself probably back into a 911 again or keeping my E92.

However, if it comes in at just a tad over the E90 but with over 50hp more it will still be a screamer.