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M3/M4 vs W205 C63 AMG

just curious since most people here are M3 owners or fans (I am a fan of the M3 and all competition except the IS-F). Anyway, now that Mercedes has rolled out all the 5.5L Turbo V8s with their 63 AMG models (E, CLS, S) and even putting the same engine without turbo in the tiny SLK, I would have to believe they will put the turbo 5.5L in the next gen C63 (2014 or 2015 model year, same as next gen M3). Now it will probably be scaled down power wise just like the current C63 was compared to its bigger brothers, BUT I would imagine it still having more power than the current one, maybe 480 to start, and with the performance package getting the same 518 horsepower the E63/CLS63 have. The E63 is rated at 16/24 MPG with that engine (which is pretty amazing), so I would assume the C63 would get even better numbers. Also the current C63 coupe with performance package was tested at 3.7 seconds 0-60 (480 horsepower 6.3L engine). So with a lighter 5.5L engine and equal or more power I would assume that will stay the same.

Having said all that and Mercedes keeping the V8 (which sounds awesome) compared to BMW switching to a 6, would you guys still take the M3? My father has a current M3 and it is "different" to drive than my C63 but both cars are awesome in their own way. We both agreed for track driving the M3 is amazing, its a lot more nimble than the C63, but for everyday suburb driving the C63 is just a beast and fun to drive.

I was pretty set on getting the next gen M3 just based on the speculation of a 450 horsepower turbo (some form) i6 engine and assuming all German manufacturers would be going away from the V8, should be a great car to drive, but if I can get a V8 for the same price (or less) that is really tempting. Same goes with a possible future RS4/5 having a V8 turbo.

I really wish BMW would have just taken its 4.4L V8 turbo and juiced it up for the M3, that can easily put out 450+ horsepower, and to prove it look at the new X6 performance package, it has 440 horsepower with that engine! But I guess that would be stepping on the M5s toes.