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Originally Posted by Uli_HH View Post
NO ... an electric Turbo doesn´t exist , this people are misunderstandig the BMW patent. In this patent the E-Motor drives the Turbosystem directly and not by air like an electric supercharger !!!

There are only two alternatives:

- I6 with 1 greater TwinScroll and "eTurbo" - could perhaps be quoted as TriTurbo by BMW terms.

- I6 with 2 TwinScrolls and "eTurbo" - quoted as Biturbo or perhaps OuadTurbo.

Greets Uli_HH
The first is what has been described to me- as the eTurbo does not need two scrolls as it was explained to me.

You might also like to see that the mainstream media has now picked up on our reporting....

Friday I heard from my source and posted elsewhere as was confirmed by your source as well and today Road and Track are reporting the same.