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Originally Posted by Uli_HH
Originally Posted by thehank View Post
My guess would be a centrifugal style. Basically an electric motor drives a gear reduction impeller. Would probly only be used to spool up the smallest turbo most likely....

They could use higher voltage to run it???? The could use a combo a/c compressor with a built in high voltage alternator that could recharge a small high voltage battery to power it???
How I understand the BMW Electric Turbo Drive Patent it works as follows:

The E-Motor is conected with an clutch directly to the turbo scroll.
- at low rpm it drives the turbo alone, so that it could charge the engine despite low exhaust pressure.
- at middle rpm where are enough exhaust pressure it would be disconected via the clutch.
- at high rpm it reduces boost pressure by working as generator and producing energy for the battery ... because of this there would no need for the (sensitive) pop-off-valves.

Maybe someone has a better explanation!?

Greets Uli_HH
Confirmed everything you listed. It will use a planetary gear set. No blow off valves.