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Next M3/M4 thoughts and questions

Hello im saving up some money for a new car and i have the next M3/M4 in my sight.
What i like about BMW is that they are sporty ,fun to drive ,looks good ,hold on to rwd and offer luxury and good comfort so pretty much complete cars.

I am looking forward to the next M3/M4 that seems to get Turbocharged i like highpowerd Natural aspirated motors to but you can't beat the power and efficiency of a good Turbo motor.

One specific thing i like in the new F30 and hopfully M3/M4 is that it continued to use the manual hand brake lever which most other brands is replacing with a button.
I dont like things that take away driver involvement ,i plan to use the car all year round and we get snow here in Sweden in the winter and its good to have a handbrake when you sometimes play around in the snow and you can also use it on dry roads in hairpin turns.

I hope they come with manual transmissions as i wrote above that i like the driver involvement sure DCT transmissions are faster but the involvement in changeing gear myself is more satisfying ,they can leave the DCT as an option.
Do you think that they may come with a 7 speed manual like Porsche 991 as BMW is making all there new cars more fuel effective and faster?

Also i want to ask you M3 E90 owners and other BMW owners can answer to about DSC can you fully disconnect it and so it stays off until you turn it back on?
Im wondering becuse many newer cars you can't disconnect att all or just partly or until you brake hard or panic brake and i hate that shit how is in the BMW's?
You can't have any fun in the snow if the DSC is on and on some twisty roads you don't want it interfering either and of course if you want to drift you have to disconnect it.
So i hope the next M3/M4 have fully disconnectable DSC.

What do you guys think?