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Originally Posted by kueks29 View Post
Since BMW will now go different ways.
In future, the M3ein utterly uncompromising sports machine! Those who want more comfort and more auto business, the resort must then hold for M335i (or M340i).
Sounds good to me. While the use of M on the M sport cars may dilute the brand, if it allows for more perfomance of the real M cars I am OK with spreading the M around a bit.

As for V6 vs. I6, as long as the primary goal is maximizing performance, I don't think it matters. In some ways, I like the V6 as the smaller cousin of the M5 S63 turbo V8. As DANMACINSD says, it follows the trend of the current gen e90 M3 V8 and last gen E60 M5 V10. Heck, BMW didn't use an I6 with the e90 and I don't see many complaints about the S65.