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"Better 1.000 Kg than 1.000 PS" is the strategie
The V6 has many benefits!
Whether the weight, or the cost of production or for pedestrian protection!
If we are to believe the rumors, so that a true super sports car comes towards us ....

What the S65 is concerned, there is hardly anything negative, I have my own one and has reeled off easily in the last 3 years, 100,000 km!
The only drawback is the high consumption and to the small fuel tank.
The next M3 is also different! Supposedly the engineers for the first time without a fuel stop from Garching to be moved to the Nürburgring.

Scott26 has in recent years, predicted many things right. But he also stood next to a couple of times.
But this is certainly not the fault of Scott26.

In the M-GmbH created a lot of models and engines, and BMW has introduced a new strategy for the security. Showing the meantime effect. So it is always difficult to get reliable information.
This is, of course, experienced positive for BMW, waiting for us fans out there, but an absolute disaster.