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Originally Posted by aajami View Post
I have no doubt that the F8X is going to be plenty powerful, but it will not sacrifice comfort and luxury at all (unfortunately). BMW's Scott26 reiterated this (unfortunate) philosophy below:
I actually don't want the M3 to be a stripped down, lightweight sports car. There are plenty of those out there (Lotus anyone?). I like all the luxury features like the heated steering wheel, heated seats, smart phone integration and voice control. I like a nice sound system. For the most part they don't add terribly much weight. What interests me, is if BMW can push the performance of the M3 even more by introducing the M-performance models. I think we are seeing this with what likely carbon composite components. That is a win. Save the stripped down, lightweight, no comfort feature car for limited edition versions. If I want a street legal race car, that isn't an M3 (at least for over 25 years). Leave the M3 as the track car you can take your grandmother to dinner in.