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Originally Posted by eatrach73 View Post
I don't like that either, but they are doing it for marketing purposes. They figured the average Joe is not going to afford an //M car, why not slap //M badges on their non //M models and call it a day.
//M badges= more $$$.
However, a person must admit that BMW will upgrades few components here and there. Take for example The E46 ZHP model. Cams have been upgraded, suspension components, shifter, SW, etc...
Yes, it seems like these new M Performance models are turning out to have something special, and deserve some kind of recognition for that. At this point, I still think they shouldn't have given it the ///M name, but that ship has sailed. Hasn't Mercedes already diluted the AMG name the same way? And yet, at least where I live, the real enthusiasts still know and strive for the real AMGs.

I think it will depend how the full-fledged M cars and these cars turn out to be... And their "relative" exclusivity. If they're really good and the ///M badge is not *everywhere*... they could still find that balance...
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