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Originally Posted by aajami View Post
I'm not arguing for the point I was trying to make. No doubt, I see the same momentum that you do, taking BMW to a unified naming convention for sedans, coupes, 4-door coupes, SUVs, and XAVs. I was simply relaying the fact that arguments within the company continue to persist at some level about not losing the M3 brand -- the same arguments that took place (and won) before the introduction of the E9X and E9XM.
I hear you. Even though, as I look back on it, I responded to your post as if I was treating it like a counterpoint to what you wrote, I was really just offering up my opinion. I guess there will probably always be some within BMW who oppose the change, but from a marketing perspective it makes a lot of sense.

Unfortunately, I think that separation will be reflected in the price difference too, if the 30% gap between the M5 and M6 sticker price is any indication.
Agree with you on the price gap increase. Maybe not to 30% (is it really that high for M5 vs. M6? - that's a lot!), but probably more than the 5% or so it was when the E90 M3 was still available along side the E92 M3 last year.
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