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Originally Posted by blkE92 View Post
Gas Prices are reaching $5 this summer in California, way higher in other states. I gotta say! I love the sound of the v8 grunt but unfortunately due to ridiculously sky rocketing gas prices and high demand on gas. Might as well forget about the s65 twin turbo, on the New m3 model's and go with a better gas efficient, well balance, smoothness, of the Inline 6 tri turbo. Yes Mustangs 5.0 Boss 302 laguna. Can eat a m3 for breakfast but compare it to a 3.3 i6 in fuel Efficient no contest you may beat me in the quarter mile but you will run out of gas before I do. Plus you maybe paying less for that car Now! compared to a bmw but at the end you will spend so much money on gas that you can buy a new m3 lol. I'm just saying BMW new vision Today is gas Efficiency, that is why they had dropped their v10s on the m5's. So my Vote is for the i6 tri turbo
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