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Originally Posted by kmarei View Post
sure the M4 will eventually become an icon (maybe)
but in doing so you have just killed an existing icon that has lasted about 26 years
you know how much most other car companies would pay to have the M3 name?
other than the 911 i don't think any other model name carries as much weight
i know this has been on the table since the E90/E92
but now its suddely being done, right after Audi did the same thing
and charged more for the A5 than the A4
I could not agree with you more. The logic of the people in charge to ruin such a long lasting icon is beyond me. Everybody knows what an M3 is. As a business there is power in that. After visiting their Museum in Munich I could tell that they were proud of their long history, especially regarding the M3. Now I'm not sure what to think. I understand the need to come up with new products but it does not make any sense to alter/ruin the very icon that people love. The people in charge are truly making a wrong turn on this one.

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