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Originally Posted by Tobbep View Post
This is the problem in my opinion. The M3 used to be performance car from BMW not your usual Family Sedan with enough room for a couple of car seats in the back. Don't get me wrong, I have nothing against enough room for the family but don't ruin the M3 because of it. If people don't care why not keep the Coupe as an M3 and the Sedan as the M4 (with all the room in the world for the car seats)?
I agree with your sentiment, but BMW really landed its reputation for making the world's best sports sedans, not sports coupes. BMW has always built its platforms from sedans and made converted coupes out of them. The very few dedicated coupes have had very short life spans. I think the M4 will have a rabid following and will have so much more of a style factor over the M3.
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