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Originally Posted by flyingfishtuning View Post
If we look at this logically which means looking at package size, weight, tune ability then I would say the logical step for BMW is in fact a twin turbo V6. Especially considering that they have mastered having most of the plumbing/hardware inside the V like in the M5 V8. the V configuration takes up less space and allows the motor to be moved further back. Plus if you listen to the videos there is a distinct GTR sound to it, which differs to the sound of an inline motor.

If I was a betting man I would put my money on the V6.

... even after kueks was told at Garching that it was an 3.3ltr.I6 my first thought was "they don´t tell him the full truth - 3.3ltr. is right / I6 is not" ... why an fully new developed I6 would have exactly this 3.3ltr. and not 3.5ltr. for example ... by 3.3ltr. all in me is crying "V6 based on the S63Tü".

Like the AG N20 is essentially an shorted N55 and so have many common parts ... it would make many sense for the M-GmbH just to make the same and make all near future engines derivates from the "great" S63Tü V8 BiTurbo ... with 2 cylinder less an 3.3ltr.V6 BiTurbo for M3/M4 and divided longitudinally an 2.2ltr.I4 Bi(or Tri-)-Turbo for the coming M2.

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