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Guys, I'm honest!
Currently, I would put money on anything!

It's already happening with the publication date. I was told something by March 2013, another forum member a few days before, something about "not before 2014".

The question for me was engine only vaguely answered!
They said very clearly that it would be a i6. When I had to ream capacity already and only got a "more than 3 liters capacity" actually removed.
Only after massive demand and some complicated and roundabout way, I got to listen to 3.3 liters.

Now, with a week away from my visit, and some other information coming from other users in the meantime, I think at present not a single word from the M-GmbH.
Rather, I'm massively assume that the drive is currently a great obfuscation and deliberately placed false information in many places.
Even customers are aware there supplied with "confidential" misinformation, as it seems.

As I said:
I trust the statements are not even from the wallpaper to the wall and I feel ripped a little bit about this situation ...