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Originally Posted by kueks29 View Post
Guys, I'm honest!
Currently, I would put money on anything!

It's already happening with the publication date. I was told something by March 2013, another forum member a few days before, something about "not before 2014".

The question for me was engine only vaguely answered!
They said very clearly that it would be a i6. When I had to ream capacity already and only got a "more than 3 liters capacity" actually removed.
Only after massive demand and some complicated and roundabout way, I got to listen to 3.3 liters.

Now, with a week away from my visit, and some other information coming from other users in the meantime, I think at present not a single word from the M-GmbH.
Rather, I'm massively assume that the drive is currently a great obfuscation and deliberately placed false information in many places.
Even customers are aware there supplied with "confidential" misinformation, as it seems.

As I said:
I trust the statements are not even from the wallpaper to the wall and I feel ripped a little bit about this situation ...

Hey, nothing wrong kueks. Just that if the 3.3l is right I'd see 70% chance of it being a V6, 30 % an I6. There is little probability they set the two S63 banks appart, got an I4, added two cylinders to get an I6. Way to complexe for not alot worth. However concering the turbos the question remains. Three real turbos, or two real and one electric? If three real I'd say I6 because, if two and one electric I'd say V6.

We shall se the M3 Sedan F80 in Geneva 2013. It should go on sale in summer 2013 (EU). The M4 Coupé about one year later, M4 Coupé Concept at Geneva 2014.