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Originally Posted by MERCSUk153 View Post
You think Audi copied BMW's engine? You do know that it takes years of R&D for an engine to come to life so just because BMW recently released a car with this design doesn't mean Audi saw it and just decided to copy it. Doesn't work like that.
Audi has been doing FI many years ahead of BMW so no need for Audi to copy BMW.

Did you even read my post or did you scan a few words than automatically jump to audis defense ?
Those are the quoted words of the automotive press.
Furthermore, you do realize the N63 motor has been available to the public since 2008(4+ years ago) with information regarding its layout possibly even sooner. So yes it does and did work like that.

Yes Audi has been appling turbos to their line up for quite some time but some how didn't, couldn't or wouldn't figure out to place the turbos into the valley of a 4 liter V8 until recently. Of course if the (BMW)formula already exist that would cut the R&D process time by a great deal.....

By the way, what year was the first turbochargerd Audi motor and what was the first BMW turbocharged motor ?

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