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Originally Posted by MERCSUk153 View Post
BMW first car with the turbo was in 1980 with the 745i then BMW didn't make another turbo car for 26years until the 335i and they messed up on that engine with the hpfp so I don't think Audi would aspire to copy BMW's FI engines.
Audi first car with turbo engine was the 200 in 1979. Then have consistently have had turbo engines in the car lineup. Previous to the current RS4 Audi has been using FI in more or less all of the RS4 and RS6 cars and also in regular production cars also such as the A4.
NO, it was not the 1980 745i. Now remember, you originally bought this point up...
So, in your opinion the 335i motor, " they messed up" because of an faulty outsourced pump ? Like I said before, Audi has been making turbo motors for quite sometime now. NOW, all of a sudden they decide to make a reverse flow 4liter v8 with turbos in the valley, 4+ years after BMW does it...... you're kidding me right ?

Originally Posted by MERCSUk153 View Post
That Edmunds article was a joke. Audi and Bentley jointly developed this engine because they like BMW saw a need to go to smaller engines and more fuel efficient engines and this design makes it possible to make a smaller TT V8. Copying NO coincidence yes. I am sure BMW has patents on this so not like Audi can just copy the design and not like they would want to. If this was a NA engine I wouldn't even bother arguing with you as in my opinion Audi would do well in copying BMW's NA motors. IMO Audi NA motors suck a$$ but the FI motors don't, because they have been consistently doing FI much longer than BMW.
Ok, Now why exactly was that edmunds article a joke ?
Edmunds gave somewhat good reviews on the motor and the car it was in but they also said it is a BMW borrowed design(copied). That's the part you don't like hence the article being "a joke" to you. If i'm wrong prove me wrong and tell me exactly why the article was a joke...
Do you know anything about patents, (because I do) or are you just adding empty theories ?
You wrote: "Audi and Bentley jointly developed this engine because they like BMW", and that's where your sentences should have ended.
Believe me, you are not arguing...
The motor is a copy with the exception of some bore and stroke variations.

Originally Posted by MERCSUk153 View Post
Before you go telling me that I am a fanboy and telling me about how I am jumping to Audi's defense and not reading the thread maybe you should take your own advise and read the rest of what I posted saying that the RS4 was junk basically and that I wouldn't touch them. This part of it must have slipped.


I'm not calling or suggesting you are a "fanboy" you kinda did that by yourself. I didn't say you didn't read the thread. I asked you if you even read my post before replying to it. I see you have now. None of what I wrote about pertains to the RS4. Therefore I replied to you based on your reply from what I originally posted. Nothing slipped by so please don't try to twist the point or redirect the subject. Which is Audi copied the n63, you can leave or live with it.