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Originally Posted by MERCSUk153 View Post
What was the first BMW with a turbo motor than? We are talking production car.

The 1973 BMW 2002 Turbo, more than 1500 of them were produced.
How can you make a statement that Audi has been making turbo motors before BMW and you don't know when BMW produced their first turbo motor ?

Originally Posted by MERCSUk153 View Post
You think it was a faulty pump? LOL for 4+ years you think they couldn't fix a faulty pump?

Yes it was the high pressure fuel pump that caused the issues with the 335 motor.
What do you think it was ?
Please go back and read my previous post.
It was 4+ years ago that the N63 V8 twin turbo motor, (the one VW/Audi copied) was introduced. The N63 didn't have a faulty pump issue. I think you may be confused, maybe misread my previous post or both.

Originally Posted by MERCSUk153 View Post
You make a statement that you know patents and then you don't want to back that statement with how Audi can copy the design? Can you tell me how Audi could have copied the design with basically no changes like you said and not infringe on any patents BMW may have on the design?

Does the BMW N engine also have cylinder deactivation?

First of all, you bought the BMW patent statement to the table and you did so without actually knowing if there is a patent or patents on the tech of issue.

As far as how Audi could copy a design based on a patent, (which we don't know exist) depends on if the patent(s) is a design or utility patent(s) and the content(claims) in the issued patent(s). I don't know if any of the BMW N engines has cylinder deactivation or not. Does Audi, it really doesn't matter, GM has been doing cylinder deactivation off and on since the late 80's or early 90's. What does that have to do with our post, is that more conversational misdirection or a genuine question ?

By the way, you haven't told me why you think the Edmunds article was a joke.