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All those words and you said ABSOLUTELY NOTHING but you did prove that you are a "vw/audi fanboy/troll".

Strike 1: Now, all of a sudden since audi didn't produce a turbo motor before BMW, (as you originally stated) it doesn't matter who did it first. You wanna talk,(conversational misdirection) about everything except the issue at hand. The issue being the N63(the one audi copied) not the N54. The N63(the one audi copied) is problem free.

Strike 2: You went on to furthered proved that you are up vw/audis butt by calling an article you didn't like "a joke",(your words) because of "one line",(again, your words) that you feel makes your brand look bad. Did you even read the article ? All the babbling and conjecture in your entire post and you still haven't answered the question as to why exactly the article was a "joke" to you, aside from the statement that the motor is a BMW borrowed(copied) design. I gave you ample opportunity to prove me wrong about you and you completely confirmed the question, is Mercsuk153 a fanboy troll ?
YES, yes he/she/it is.

Strike 3: Then "one"(you) babbled on assuming and tip toeing around about more of "ones"(your) patent ignorance and cylinder deactivation, (which has been around for decades from another brand altogether, not Bentley) as if it were some new exciting and ground breaking tech. Stop talking and posting about patents because you dont have a clue.

For the record, I am a BMW fanman and a effin' BMW troll in a BMW forum, yeah, thats right, I said it and I say that having driven or owned just about every brand thats come to the US over my many years.

As for you, you are wasting my time you're responses are utterly ridiculous, incoherent and you seemingly are not comprehending what I am posting and what you are reading. You can respond to this if you'd like but you are on my ignore list therefore I won't see nor respond to you anymore and don't pm me sucka.

Before you look for "truth in engineering" you need to first find truth because there is none in you.